Mellieha Fireworks was founded in October 1989.  The chaplain, Fr. Alfred Camilleri, took the initiative to set up this organization, to which he was the first President.

During the first three years, the Mellieha Fireworks committee used to meet at the Parish office.  Their aim was to prepare a spectacular firework display for the feast of Our Lady of Nativity.

Each year a different fireworks display is prepared which translates the dedication and sacrifice of various Mellieha residents enthusiasts which form part of this organization.

In 2006, Mellieha Fireworks opened the parish radio, Radju Maria Bambina 90.2FM, which is still active during the feast days.  In the same year, the fireworks show got bigger and better which included synchronized fireworks and light display from the Mellieha Parish church.  This show is always a one to look forward to and got very popular with the Mellieha residents and also with the hundreds of Maltese and foreigners that visit Mellieha during the feast.

In 2008, Mellieha Fireworks felt the need to expand, and so the Mellieha Fireworks – Youth Section was formed.  The aim was to encourage more youth to take part in the festive activities, and also to raise more funds for the fireworks by organizing several social activities during the year.

In 2013, the organization were invited to display some of its Catherine wheels in Visciano, Naples.  This was a amazing and huge experience for these member.

Since its foundation, the Mellieha Fireworks Group had six presidents.  The first one being the found of the organization, Fr. Alfred Camilleri.  Then, Mr. John Sammut, Mr. Raymond Bartolo, Mr. Tonio Caruana, Mr. Charles Cuschieri and the present president Mr. Anthony Vella.